How Does Data Compression Work?

A zip (or .zip as a file extension) is an archive file format, working with lossless data compression. Lossless data compression means that you don’t lose data in the compression process.

Depending on their settings, some spreadsheet programs may not export .csv files correctly. For example, they may use semicolons to separate values instead of commas.

The generation of these spatial files can be done not only on a desktop software but also by Python commands. We have created an applied example that shows the proc.

This also includes the ability to read and edit JSON files. JSON is a popular data format used to represent structured data. It is used extensively in APIs and web applications. In Python, you can use the built-in json module that provides all the necessary methods for working with JSON data. This article will cover what JSON is and how to parse, serialize, deserialize, encode, decode, and pretty-print its data using Python. JSON is used to transfer the data between the server and web applications and it is mostly used by programmers. It uses key value pairs to store the information.

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Geometries are the central part of GeoJSON, therefore, the real world data is more than theses simple shapes having identity and attributes. Features records the geometry as well as their properties. In GeoJSON format, for the coordinate property, there are four levels of depth. An ordered array of coordinates represent the position. This is the smallest unit that can indicate a point on earth. The Internet Engineering Task Force , in association with the format authors, shaped aGeoJSON WGto release GeoJSON in April 2015.

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